My eyebrows are pretty much non-existent and sadly, I LOVE the look of strong defined eyebrows. I think ‘doing the brows’ is so important in framing your face and are a must-have. I recently received an inbox asking me about how to tackle the blonde eyebrow problem, so I thought I’d do a little guide today. This will cover what to do, what not to do and different methods. So, without further a do let’s begin!

Choosing colours - I personally like to match my brow product as close as I can to the darkest part of my hair for the look of bold brows. To get a slightly softer brow look choose something that’s similar to your overall hair colour.

What to avoid - Ginger eyebrows are not fun (well for blondes anyway). Believe me, I’ve made this mistake many times. I’ve gone out with eyebrows that look like two slithers of my favourite gingerbread and it is clear, that there’s been a mishap in the makeup room. Going into the drugstore it is SO easy to pick up a gingery eyebrow pencil, because when swatched, they look blonde and close to the hair colour. However, on the brows they just won’t look natural.

What to opt for - Try to choose a pencil that is slightly grey-toned - taupes are your best bet. The Clinique Super Liner for Brows in Blonde (£13.00) is amazing and for a cheaper option the Aldi Eyebrow pencil in Blonde is awesome too (£1.99 ladies). NYX also does nice options and so does Revlon. I also like the look of this Sleek palette.

Brow gels - if you want a natural brow look or you just need your brows to fall into a defined shape, these are for you. I adore brow gels - they’re so quick and easy. This one from Maybelline is perfect as it’s on the Taupe side and is inexpensive. However the Gimme Brow and Speed Brow from Benefit Cosmetics are where it’s at. The speed brow is a light gel and the Gimme brow is a more pigmented gel that will give you shape and colour.

Tinting your eyebrows - This is an option that many blonde eyebrow-ed ladies choose. I would, however recommend this for people with slightly darker eyebrows than mine are naturally (as I said pretty much non-existant). Doing this means brow maintenance is a lot easier and you’ll get an overall even colouring for your brows!

I hope this helped you! Thank you for reading, Flo. XOX :)

Ps. I know my brows aren’t perfect, makeup is still very much something I’m learning to do properly! I do hope this helps a little bit anyway. :)

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Healthier Gluten-Free/Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies

If there’s one thing I love it’s home-baked goods. Freshly baked cakes and cookies are my favourite thing, but they’re not necessarily something I can eat on a daily basis. 

Recently, I’ve really been fascinated by making my own recipes and experimenting with food. I’ve always wanted to make brownies using vegetables and I finally caught on and did it!

The brownies are low fat and contain health factors. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamins C, D and B6 and contain magnesium and iron. Honey is great for the skin and eggs contain protein. Dark chocolate helps control blood sugar levels, is full of antioxidants and is good for the brain/the heart. It’s also high in vitamins and minerals!

These are partly based on nutritionistinthekitchen’s recipe, but I’ve adjusted them quite a lot, as I found that they contained some ingredients, that not everyone would necessarily have lying around.

I’ve also inserted ingredients that you could use to make them gluten/vegan free too.

What you need:

. 1 large sweet potato

. 1/2 cup of any flour (you can use gluten-free, I used plain)

. 1/3 cup of any cocoa powder (cacao powder would be perfect too)

.5 tablespoons of honey

. 1/3 of a bar of dark chocolate (you can use vegan/raw)

. 2 large eggs (you can use normal/flax eggs)

. Tsp baking soda (you can use gluten-free)

What to do:

  1. Set your oven to Gas Mark 4.
  2. Boil your sweet potato until it’s slighty soft (you don’t want it to be mushy). Then mash it up until it’s roughly smooth.
  3. Melt your chocolate over a pan of boiling water or in the microwave.
  4. Mix together your dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix together the egg and honey in another.
  5. Mix the potato and dry ingredients together and add in the wet mixture. Blend everything together. Add in the (cool) melted chocolate.
  6. Line your tin with grease-proof paper and pour in the brownie mix.
  7. Cook in the oven for about 15 minutes. Your brownie may take less time or more time depending on the width of your tin.
  8. They’re ready when you can insert a knife and it comes out clean!
  9. Eat and enjoy. I like mine cooled down with a scoop of frozen yogurt and banana. :)

Remember, these aren’t healthy, by which I mean you shouldn’t eat them over vegetables or fruit. However, they are much better than a normal brownie and they’re less sugary/fatty so you’ll be satisfied with just one.

I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for reading, Flo. XOX

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Feeling Confident: How to fake a tan

One of the things (I think) a lot of us want to achieve in Summer is tanned, glowing skin. Summer fashion means bearing more skin and I personally feel more confident doing this with a tan! 

However, I think pale skin is beautiful too and if you feel confident with it go out and rock it. I just love a tan sometimes, to mix things up, and it helps show off muscle definition and it makes me look a little healthier.

But, first of all, I physically CANNOT get a tan by lying in the sun (it’s weird, but true). Also, as much as I love a little vitamin D, I don’t think lying in the sun for agggeees trying to get tanned is the safest thing to do. Soooo, to get into the point of this post, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite products and tips/tricks!

A bright bikini - a bright colour against your skin will actually give it a glow and make it look less pale/pasty. Black/dark bikinis will contrast against your skin making you look even paler. White bikinis can also made you look washed out , so I would recommend something bright and colourful. I LOVE this bikini from Topshop as it’s a flattering shape and style and it’s super bright!

Oils - If you want your skin to look soft and shiny, oils are your best friend. Not only are they good for your skin but they’ll make it look healthy and glowing. I’m sure you can find cheap oils in Superdrug or Boots, or even make your own, but I use the Body Shop lemon oil. It smells amazing and it has a really natural finish.

Spray Tan - If you’re as pale as me and you want to fake tan yourself, I’d say always use a gradual tanning product. This means you can get to your exact desired effect and it will look a million times more natural. I’ve found that this Garnier ‘Ambre Solaire Dry Body Mist’ is the only spray tan that isn’t streaky or ‘fake’. It’s inexpensive and it smells good too - not like other tans that have the classic ‘fake tan’ scent. It’s also easy to apply and works straight away. It drys extremely quickly too! 

Makeup - For a healthy glow I love highlighters and bronzers. You can use these on the jawline, the cheekbones and the collarbone to accentuate these areas and make the skin look gorgeous.

Moisturising Gradual Tanners - these are perfect for people who like something quick and effective. It’s a two in one product! I’ve only tried the ST.Tropez gradual tanners which are good, but quite pricey. I love the packaging and the moisturising qualities, but they take time to dry and I didn’t like the smell of them. I definitely prefer my spray over them, but some of you will love the concept, I’m sure.

I hope this helped some of you and if you don’t want to fake tan, you don’t have to. You are beautiful and I hope you all feel confident in your own skin this Summer! :)

Thank you, Flo. XOX

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OOTD: Swaying with palm trees

It’s officially…. HOT! Well, for now anyway. The hot weather has hit the UK and I am not complaining. It’s a unbelievable 20 degrees today and I’m looking forward to lots of BBQs, crop tops and frozen yogurts!

I’ve been trying to grow my ‘hot weather’ wardrobe, which basically means decreasing my purse completely. Anyway… I’ve been loving skorts and halter-neck tops recently and I’ve featured both in today’s outfit!

I’ve always known about Missguided, but I wasn’t aware that their clothes were so inexpensive and that it’s all so my style - that website’s like pastel and skort city!

I ordered this little crop top from their for just under £10 and it’s gorgeous quality. I fits really nicely and it isn’t see-through, but it’s not too thick. It’s a pastel pink and features a slightly faded black palm tree print. It has cute little black straps that sit on the collarbone and are really unique.

To bring out the black palm trees, I paired it with a really fun asymmetrical skort which gives the outfit a more formal vibe. This is from Zara and it was well priced at £25. 

For accessories, I’d probably add something like a pair of black leather sandals and a black leather clutch!

I hope you enjoyed this and you’re enjoying the sunshine if you have it!

Also, it would mean the world for me if you could vote for me in the Company Style Blogger Awards HERE. :)

Thank you for reading, Flo. XOX

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Company Style Blogger Awards 2014: Nominations!


Hello lovely people! The Company Style Blogger Awards are back and the nomination round has started. :)

I would love to be nominated for ‘Best Teen Style Blogger’ this year. It would mean the world to me.

If you would like to vote you can click the link here and nominate my blog

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OOTD: The maxi skirts are coming out

Let me start this post by saying, thank goodness the sun has appeared.

I am not a fan of the cold, firstly because, well I don’t like being cold, and secondly because I’m not a fan of wearing dark clothes and loads of layers. 

I love the fact than in Spring and Summer I can wear dainty girly pieces, that are lightweight and colourful, but then I can edge them up with a funky hat or a leather jacket.

Two of my staple warmer-weather pieces are lightweight skirts and bustiers/crop tops, as shown in today’s OOTD. I kept this outfit casual, but I still wanted to make a statement and be chic, hence the maxi skirt and hat. 

The focal piece is this gorgeous maxi skirt, which legit feels like it’s made of satin. It’s pleated all round and has two leg slits half-way down the skirt. I love the ruffled waistband too. This is so soft and cosy, but I can see how in Summer it will still keep me cool. 

I paired it with a simple white crop top from Topshop. To make this less casual, you could add a more structured top, such as a bustier. I then added black pieces to really keep the skirt/top combo the star of the outfit. My leather jacket from New Look is very form-fitting, which I think is important as the skirt is loose. The H&M hat I’m wearing is so stylish and I feel so cool when I’m wearing it! For shoes, I would add simple black/neutral flats.

I hope you enjoyed my OOTD post. Thanks for reading, Flo. XOX

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Lea Michele’s Exact Glamour UK Top and Skirt

This outfit screams Spring. The mini skirt and 3/4 crop top show some skin and the mint green colour is right on point. 

3.1 Phillip Lim Abstract Mini Skirt and Top

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Lea in Glamour!!! New pic we missed out!

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Lea Michele’s Blue Dress (exact here)

Tea Length Seamless Slip $34.00

Mika Dress $19.99

Jersey Chemise £20.00

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Lea Michele’s Yellow Dress

Christian Siriano Spring 2014 RTW Dress

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